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meeting me..

Hey.. im new... so.. just im me if you want chat.. i am always on:
aim: verucalovescandy

Im from Delaware County.. soo.. if you are too.. tell me where your from..

get my kicks from: writing, vintage clothes, taoism, swimming, reading, psychology, porn, poetry, piano, photography, nudity, sex, mythology, meditiation, maxim, meeting new people, hippies, hinduism, free spirits, free thinking, cartoons, activism, afterlife, anti-war, art, astrology, chess, classic movies, destiny, dreams, happiness, fate,
under my skin: animals dressed as humans on two legs, clowns,

film fetishes: beautiful mind, almost famous, american beauty, being john malcovich, the bad seed, arsenic and old lace,
cruel intentions, gia, girl interrupted, goodfellas, now and then, office space, pi, usual suspects, pulp fiction, freddie got fingered, scarface, the royal tenenbaums, true romance, virgin suicides,welcome to the dollhouse

ear orgasms: ani difranco, pink floyd, the doors, bjork, bob marley, christina aguelera, hole, jack off jill, janis joplin, jethro tull, jewel, alanis morsette, nirvana, led zepplin, lynyrd skynyrd, mindless self indulgence, poe, steve miller band, sublime, system of a down, the beatles, tom waits, tool, weezer, dashboard, nofx, dead kennedys, misfits, three dog night, jefferson airplane, floggin molly, bloodhoung gang, lauryn hill, new found glory, get up kids, new york dolls, simon and garfunkel, left rights, grateful dead, aretha, dmx, eve, lil kim, rolling stones, ludicris, mystical, rolling stones, the clash, jimi hendrix, juliana theory, beethoven, bloodhound gang, violent femmes, mest, madonna, dixie chicks, misfits, 101ers, air, blur, dandy warhols, nancy sinatra, pearl jam, placebo, ramones, sex pistols, adicts, bikini kill, bitch and animal, drums and tuba, sekou sundiata, guns and roses, the slits..

tube: friends, eighties reruns, comedy central, dragon ballz, seinfeld, will and grace, real world, snl, family guy, plastic surgery channel, golden girls, everybody loves raymond, adult swim
paper:allen ginsberg, anne rice, daniel quinn, emily dickenson, magazines, rudyard kipling, poe, cummings, shakespeare, thomas paine, thomas wolfe, gertrude stein, luke davies,
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