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Everybody's Journal

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

12:06AM - Young, Hip, and Muslim?

Salaam Aleykoom!

I'm a young American Muslim who is sick and tired of only hearing about Islam in headlines. So I've started a new line of clothing and gifts that is geared towards young, modern Muslims who are ready to make their own headlines. Some political, some funny, some religious, and lots of ARABIC! So check it out, please spread the word if you dig it, and check in periodically for new designs.

And if you like it, WEAR IT WITH PRIDE!

American Muslim


Monday, September 26, 2005


Come one come all to:

All persuasions welcome.

There is an intro poll here

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Where all the bad tshirts go

Friday, September 17, 2004


this kinda freaked me out when I read it... Never heard mention of it in the media, but here it is:

Abaddon: n. 1. A place of destruction; the depths of Hell.
2. Apollyon - different name same being: Rev 9/11

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Has anyone seen the show Amish in the City? I want to know if you think it's real and if it's right to exploit the Amish in this fashion? I also would like to know if you think that the Amish will kick these people out of their community for what is going on in the show. Do you think it is wrong?

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Sunday, August 8, 2004

4:01AM - Good morning everyone. =)

I have only recently joined a few religion based communities, and one of them, Art of Religion, had just started. So, I'm saying hello to all of you, I'm looking forward to chatting, and I'm also inviting you to join the Art of Religion community - a discussion of the variance in texts and practice of the religions of the world, and a forum for the presentation of works of art/iconography/music and discussion of their effect (personal or preexisting). Hello, and I hope to see you all there. And here. =)

Let's see... a little about myself:

I don't believe in chaos.

I am mostly Libertarian.

I do not like Michael Moore, John Kerry, George Bush, or anyone else who tries to make me think a particular way, when they are making money off of my intellectually handicapped position (and just about all of us are intellectually handicapped out here in the wild steppe of America). There are only lawyers in the senate, save for one doctor. This is our representative government. Dialogue is the key, which is why I am here, for example.

I believe in the separation of church and state, because once the state is made a godhead, crimes are also sins against god.

I been baptized three times, in the Trinity Church of God (when born), in the Episcopalian church (age 9), and in the Baptist church (age 16).

I love James Carroll, his books 'Constantine's Sword' and 'Crusade' are in my top five of things I've read this year. (check them on Amazon before making any judgements on me!!!!!)

I am fascinated by the evolution of religion. For anyone who's read the Old Testament but not the Chronicle of Gilgamesh, you are missing out on a great mindbender.

Monday, September 15, 2003


i find myself searching for something.. but shutting out god and church because i find them hypocritical and cult-like.. doing everything to suck me in and make me join them.. but now im thinking even though i want to question everything.. and faith has diminished away into stupidity.. i should tell god.. that i need him to reveal himself to me.. to show me there is something out there.. to believe.. because im not to sure anymore..

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


Maybe I am a little out of it, I don't know much about God, or the bible but does anyone else think that the world would be a little bit better off without the bible?

If you think about it, the bible stated that God was a man. And Adam was made first. So women were looked down upon. Then, people made the assumption that God was white, so blacks and any other people of "color" like they once said, were looked down upon. And then of course homosexuality.

I mean, of course there is going to be discrimination if there was no bible in the first place, but would it still be as common? This has always puzzled me. I'm not saying the world would be better off without God, just the bible.


Monday, April 7, 2003


death leaves us lost, confused and sad. Where do we go from here. Being raised in the church my parents belong, and going to christian school, i was always taught to fear death. I was always taught to do the safe thing, and become saved. I dont know if i can lie to myself anymore. What if it isnt real. I sit outside at 2 in the morning on my busy 420 highway street, and the night is dead. No one walks, no one drives by. and im scared and alone again. I have the constant worry that maybe jesus was the savior, and i am left behind. Maybe my family has all gone on, and i am bound to hell. I am not christian anymore, because i dont believe that i should follow a church, i dont know if jesus is real, i have to much doubt to call myself a believer. But i still have the worries, that were bread into me.
Death leaves me wondering where will i go from here. Where have they gone? Why does this happen. I know everything happens for a reason, i know good can come from bad, but there is still the "why" that we will never know the answer too.. not until maybe its too late.
My family weeps and prays, they say they know if i dont believe in god im going to hell. Id like to believe a god would not do that.. but how will i know..

Monday, March 10, 2003




For all of you who took interest and wanted to donate, the fund is finally started.. and the address works: please visit http://www.danielgibsonfund.com to donate money to the MS foundation of the Delaware Valley in the name of Dan "Gibby" Gibson 1983-2003.

My friend recently passed away.. suddenly.. at 19, he just found out he had MS. We are starting a fund, in his name, to raise money for others with MS. it is going to be at the website <http://www.danielgibsonfund.com> but THE SITE IS NOT COMPLETED YET. we would like to know if anyone would like to contribute to it. Donations will be sent to a foundation for MS. im sorry this isnt to well written.. still in mourning.. please get back to me.. thanks.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003


So.. why is it that Buddhists and Muslims and Hindus.. can spend there whole lives in worship.. but that they have to go to hell.. just because they aren't christians?? explain that one to me..

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Tuesday, March 4, 2003

8:26PM - meeting me..

Hey.. im new... so.. just im me if you want chat.. i am always on:
aim: verucalovescandy

Im from Delaware County.. soo.. if you are too.. tell me where your from..

get my kicks from: writing, vintage clothes, taoism, swimming, reading, psychology, porn, poetry, piano, photography, nudity, sex, mythology, meditiation, maxim, meeting new people, hippies, hinduism, free spirits, free thinking, cartoons, activism, afterlife, anti-war, art, astrology, chess, classic movies, destiny, dreams, happiness, fate,
under my skin: animals dressed as humans on two legs, clowns,

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