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Good morning everyone. =)

I have only recently joined a few religion based communities, and one of them, Art of Religion, had just started. So, I'm saying hello to all of you, I'm looking forward to chatting, and I'm also inviting you to join the Art of Religion community - a discussion of the variance in texts and practice of the religions of the world, and a forum for the presentation of works of art/iconography/music and discussion of their effect (personal or preexisting). Hello, and I hope to see you all there. And here. =)

Let's see... a little about myself:

I don't believe in chaos.

I am mostly Libertarian.

I do not like Michael Moore, John Kerry, George Bush, or anyone else who tries to make me think a particular way, when they are making money off of my intellectually handicapped position (and just about all of us are intellectually handicapped out here in the wild steppe of America). There are only lawyers in the senate, save for one doctor. This is our representative government. Dialogue is the key, which is why I am here, for example.

I believe in the separation of church and state, because once the state is made a godhead, crimes are also sins against god.

I been baptized three times, in the Trinity Church of God (when born), in the Episcopalian church (age 9), and in the Baptist church (age 16).

I love James Carroll, his books 'Constantine's Sword' and 'Crusade' are in my top five of things I've read this year. (check them on Amazon before making any judgements on me!!!!!)

I am fascinated by the evolution of religion. For anyone who's read the Old Testament but not the Chronicle of Gilgamesh, you are missing out on a great mindbender.
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